Add an appetizer and/or a dessert to your meal for 5$/each


Cream of mushroom, fried pancetta, scallions

Duck liver pâté, cider and hibiscus jelly, puffed rye berries

Salmon rillette and gravlax roulade, smoked salt, radishes, aïoli

Main dishes

Walnut oil roasted cauliflower couscous, patty pans, pickled beets, sherry and date purée, cilantro gremolata


Mafaldine in a lamb and pork bolognaise sauce, Le Rebellion 1837 cheese, fried shallot crumble


Hasenpfeffer; spice braised rabbit leg, king eryngii mushrooms, roasted squash, horseradish and parsnip purée, parsnip chips


Brylee Farm beef burger, Île-aux-Grues cheddar cheese, lettuce, roasted peppers, Russian dressing, fries and salad


Rare seared Ahi tuna, grilled brocollini, pickled eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, potato and chorizo croquette



Coconut cream pie, longum pepper and pineapple chutney, lime curd

Caramelized banana millefeuille, white chocolate custard, macadamia nuts, root beer molasses

Dark chocolate terrine with hazelnuts and sponge toffee, spiced cherry compote, espresso soil, peppermint