Add an appetizer or a dessert to your meal for 5$

Make it a 3 course meal with an appetizer and a dessert for 9$


Erwtensoep : Split pea soup, bacon, smoked sausage, lovage oil

Mackerel escabeche with fingerling potato chips

Duck prosciutto, pickled egg, smoked pepper aïoli

Main dishes

French beef dip, roasted onions, sautéed mushrooms, market salad, fries


Rainbow trout from Les Bobines, braised fennel and capers, roasted fingerling potatoes, fermented red pepper crème fraîche


Gaspésian game meat pie, Brussel sprout and radicchio salad, homemade ketchup


Orzo alla Carbonara, guanciale, egg yolk, Parmigianno Reggiano, pumpkin seed pesto


Rye bread Tösti, spiced gouda, coppa, fried egg, market salad, fries



Warm apple strudel and a caramel canolli stuffed with raspberry and ricotta mousse

Boston cream tart with a kraken rum and orange cloud

Butternut squash cake, spiced meringue wafers, nut butter, caramelized white chocolate sauce