Erwtensoep : Split pea soup, bacon, smoked sausage, lovage oil 9

Pan seared blood sausage and weisswurst, homemade raisin brioche, apple and cardamom jam, amber beer caramel 12

Trout tartare from les Bobines, green tomato relish, dried olives, sprouted lentil salad, rye crackers 13

Wild boar Tartiflette, pulled shoulder and smoked belly, caramelized onions, truffle honey and La Tête à Papineau cheese 14

Octopus Carpaccio, powdered chorizo, fennel and fine herb purée, fingerling potato, caper and arugula salad 14

Main Dishes

Pork osso bucco from Älska farm, sous vide braised cherry tomatoes, wilted arugula, creamy orzo, pumpkin seed pesto 24

Half Cornish hen, stewed mushrooms from Chaporond, roasted shallots, spinach and ricotta ravioli, Labrador tea broth 24

Pan seared sablefish, roasted garlic brandade, braised fennel and capers, fried leek rings, fermented red pepper crème fraîche 27

Duo of veal; tenderloin and tongue, rustic celeriac purée, turnip confit, radicchio and brussel sprout salad, charcutière sauce 28

Pan seared jumbo scallops and shrimp sausage, almond and cauliflower gratin, shaved radishes, Italian parsley, roasted apple butter, beet powder 30

Deer medallion from Boileau, dried mushroom and alder pepper crust, hubbard squash purée, rapini, black garlic and horseradish foam, wild game sauce 34

Bar bites

Rugbrød style rye bread with dill and horseradish butter 3

Fried head cheese with gribiche sauce 5

Mackerel escabeche with fingerling potato chips 6

Andouille sausage stuffed olives with choron sauce 6

Duck prosciutto, pickled egg, smoked pepper aïoli 6

Charcuterie & Cheese

Platter of Quebec cheeses, house garnishes

Chef selection of three 12

Chef selection of five 18

Local and homemade charcuterie platter

For 1 person 12

For 2 people 20

Rustiek Platter 15


Warm apple strudel and a caramel canolli stuffed with raspberry and ricotta mousse 9

Boston cream tart with a Kraken rum and orange cloud 9

Butternut squash cake, spiced meringue wafers, nut butter, caramelized white chocolate sauce 9

Strawberry jam stuffed doughnut, coffee and speculoos spread 9


Chef Christopher Mulder

Sous-chef : Simon Beaudry